Monday, 31 August 2009

Welcome to the Lonely Donkey blog

Ok, I also have created my first blog. I dunno how far this is going to go. Maybe I'll just stop tomorrow. We'll see.

Today I realized that it is pretty difficult to find a name for a blog. It looks like they're all in use. I have tried almost every possible combination of words exisiting in the English language. I went over the titles of the almost 2000 songs on my IPod Touch (lovely widget) in order to find the inspiration, but it did not work. At the end, after a while, I just thought that "Lonely Donkey" was sounding nice enough for my first experiment.

In fact, this blog is ment to be an experiment. It is just going to be about whatever interests me in a certain period. It could be serious stuff, but also humorous. Something I read or something I see when I walk around the city or whatever.

Ohh.. One last thing. I was not sure whether to write this blog in English or Italian (my mother tongue). I then decided to write in English for a series of reasons. Please forgive me in case I abuse the language..