Wednesday, 9 December 2009

COP15: What do People Say?

COP15 has officially started. Great hope for what is being decided in Copenhagen. In the editorial office of the Lonely Donkey Blog I had a discussion with myself and decided that I had to post something about it. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon! Actually , to be honest, I am not writing anything, only pointing at a couple of interesting links (in my opinion) discussing about the climate conference.

1. Is Copenhagen the Best Place for the UN Climate Change Conference? An article appeared on FastCompany where the author ask himself and his readers if Copenhagen is really the a good place to host the conference. Apparently Denmark is not that green; or maybe it is?

2. What is China saying in Copenhagen? A blog entry taken from Freakonomics Blog written by Stephen Dubner disussing the role of China.

3. The Copenhagen Climate Conference. Green Enough? A nice diary of what is happening at COP15 from The Economist website. Apparently the whole thing is less interesting that we would expect. (thanks to Simone Moriconi for the link)

4. Political ill wind blows a hole in the climate change debate A little piece written by Tim Harford criticizing the approach taken by the world leaders.

Enjoy Responsibly!

PS: a lot of noise is being made about this whole thing of lowering our CO2 emissions. Someone suggests that much cheaper and quick approaches are possible. I had written a post on this interesting approach. You can find it here